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Duke Cannon - Shampoo Puck

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Duke Cannon - Shampoo Puck


In the history of lather, there has never been a more important moment than right now. Duke Cannon, the Undisputed King of Lather is ushering in a new age of lather with the launch of our Shampoo Puck, a super-concentrated, premium formulated, solid bar of shampoo that smells better and lathers bigger than the rest. Weighing in at 4.5 oz., they're built to outlast multiple bottles of that liquid stuff without leaving any plastic residue behind. Packed full of essential oils, naturally derived fragrances, and big, bold lather. Follow it up with Duke Cannon's Power Clean Mint Conditioner and finish the job.


Duke Cannon - Shampoo Puck - Field Mint - Multi

Naturally Derived

Naturally derived fragrance: eucalyptus peppermint

Tea Tree Oil

to stimulate scalp


Outworks 5 bottles of liquid stuff while delivering over 175 washes

Argan Oil

Argan Oil conditions hair

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